yarn manufacturing


Ring Spun Combed Yarn – For all of your knitting and weaving needs, our cotton ring spun combed yarn is available in a variety of counts. Our medium ring spun combed yarns are the preferred choice of circular knitters and hosiery manufacturers worldwide. Our fine ring spun combed yarns, produced with the world’s finest cotton, are used in higher-end sheeting and shirting fabrics.

Ring Spun Carded Yarn – Used for knitting and weaving, A.K TEX offers a complete range of coarse to fine yarn counts. Producing cotton ring spun carded yarn of unmatched quality.

Open End Yarn – “Open End” refers to the system of spinning based on twisting the yarn without turning the bobbin.  Used to create sweaters, socks, woven clothing items, blankets and working gloves.

ItemsCountNo. Of PlyApplications
CardedNe 20 to Ne 601Ply & 2 PlyWeaving/Knitting, Dyed
CombedNe 20 to Ne 601 Ply & 2 PlyWeaving/Knitting, Dyed
Open EndNe 6 to Ne 201PlyWeaving/Knitting, For Denim
Poly/CottonNe 20 to Ne 401 Ply & 2 PlyWeaving/Knitting, Dyed
Poly/ViscoseNe 20 to Ne 401PlyWeaving/Knitting, Dyed